Karen Bentley Pollick performing "DanceSuite for violin and orchestra with Reedwood Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eric Kujawsky in San Fransisco 2002.

Eric Kujawsky, Karen Bentley Pollick 

and Ole after the premiere!

Salsa for Karen

Musical Seasons
Ulla Westlund and Musical Seasons perform "Sommarsvit" with poems of Nobel price author, Harry Martinsson in Church of Siljansnäs.

Ole recieves a fellowship  of the Gould family fond by Kathryn Gould in San Fransisco 2000 after the premiere of the Solo Suite.

On tour in Dalarna with Rosali Henriksson and Daniel Hammarstedt performing the Musical of Karin Boye: "När knoppar brister"

Mondo Muziko playing salsa at Orsayran

Mondo Muziko in 2017

Ole playing worldmusic at "Musik vid Siljan"

Ole jumping in on bas with Enes Ziga at the multicultural stage on kulturnatta in Leksand 2016

Playing with Shoresh from Kurdistan, 

wonderful 7-beat music!

Salsa and Tango evening  in Leksand with Mondo Musiko

Karen Bentley Pollick, Ole and Justas Servenikas during the recording of CD "Peace Piece" at the Pallas in Vilnius.